Anoia craft beer tasting at the CIA

Xauxa’s Main Festivities are supposedly the oldest in the city of Igualada, they date from a long time ago and they have always been the shit. So much so that they say the neighborhood was named otherwise, something about a Saint or some medieval bullshit, but their parties where so fucking wild they changed the name and everything and called it Xauxa (the mythological land of milk and honey, where you didn’t have to work and you could eat or drink whatever you wanted, an “all included” resort in Igualada’s center, an all you can eat buffet without time restrictions)*

Una jornada cervecera estupenda rodeado de buenísima gente

Keeping this in mind, and cheered by the neighborhood’s good people, along with our friends from the CIA (Cooperativa Integral de l’Anoia) and Local d’Acció we decided to put together a Craft beer tasting with some of the area craft beers to promote a little bit of beer culture. We came from the past Santa Birra and wanted to continue the good dynamics.

The tasting constisted of Juan A. Bazaga from Minairons, with his Fulla Daurada (APA) and Sac de Rocs (American Amber Ale); Marc Pons from Tous d’Anoia, with his Roqueta (Wheat Beer) and Cantagalls (APA); and myself, Pol Doncel from La Lenta with out Optimista/Pesimista (APA) and Golden Koeman (Golden Ale)

Our friends from the CIA had to present a new room they had been enabling in their Cooperadora, so we invaded the space with our beers and our roll ups in order to get a little promotion and that kind of stuff.

¡Salud y buena cerveza, amigos!

For the cheap ass price of 12 xauxets (you are right, this independent republic even coined their own currency, and casually on that day it had the same value as the Euro) you could try 6 different beers, get the pertinent explanaitions, and chat a little bit with everyone. The truth is that not as many people as we expected showed up, or as many people as we would have liked, but I’m sure we had a more fluent dialogue and better atmosphere than if we had been lots of people. The ones that came were fantastic!

We’d like to also thank the people from Cooperativa Integral de l’Anoia their awesome space, their time and their dedication, you are fucking great!

We’ll keep doing stories like that in our area, stay tuned!

*Xauxa’s Main Festivities date from 1855, previously named Barri del Bassot or Sant Ignasi


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