La Lenta on the street

Last Saturday we took our things and we set them up in the middle of our city, Igualada. Our friends from Igualada Comerç were celebrating their already consolidated Botiga al carrer (for us, La Lenta on the street) and this time they chose a street that doesn’t have many shops, but is possibly the most beautiful and characteristic street of our city, Passeig Verdaguer.Cartell botiga al carrer
The Passeig Verdaguer is formed by the layout of an urban road of 40m. wide and more than one kilometer long. The current form is obtained in 1957. The project of flattening of the Passeig, realized in 1834 by the architect Pere Serra i Bosch is the main work of the process of urbanization of Igualada during the nineteenth century. It was a giant work at that time, understood only in the context of euphoria that lived in Igualada in those years, in which it had become one of the leading populations of the industrialization of Catalonia. The works of flattening were carried out by unemployed workers. In 1846 the town council entrusted the architect Sebastià Cabot with the realization of the urbanization plan for the existing territory between the old town and the Passeig.
Yes my friends, we copied this info from the Wikipedia, we knew that you were going to look up further information about this tiled avenue that parts our city in two, and we wanted to save you this job. In La Lenta we are like that,  we are always taking care of you.

Carpa Botiga al carrer

With about sixty store stalls, and a few restaurants, the day was looking good … the sun was going up, a light breeze ripened the marquee, the little birds sang and the street was filled with daytime life. There is all kinds of people on the Passeig Verdaguer, it’s part of its charm, and on Saturday we played at home. The first brave ones were asking for beer, and we added a couple of dishes as a gift: Hummus and Nachos. gift: Hummus and Nachos In La Lenta we are like that, we give away things. We already did it at the last fair we were and here we were not going to be less.


At lunchtime, everyone left … only some highly medicated neighbours managed to tell us that they could not consume alcohol. At the end of the afternoon people came back until the shopkeepers ran out of sunlight and left. A good Saturday in a fucking nice place, in La Lenta we are like that, we like to do things in Igualada, our friends come to see us and we laugh and we have a good time.

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