To Santa Birra at Castellolí, as should be!

This guys from La Bromera know how to organize a good beer festival. They named it Santa Birra, placed it in an old church which was destroyed during the civil war, and showed us that when talking about setting up beer related events, they are the ones that rule Anoia region.. So towards Santa Birra at Castellolí, as should be!

Les nostres birres, a la Santa Birra

You are right, our friends from La Bromera are the ones that have been organizing 5 editions of the already consolidated Fira de l’Espelt. With those credentials and so close to home, did you think we’d say no? On top of, we were coming from such a beutiful fair at Montbui and we wanted to face july into a new one.

For Santa Birra’s first edition they focused on Anoia’s producers. So we rode along La Rockera (El Bruc), Tous d’Anoia (Tous), Espina de Ferro (Vilanova del Camí), Minairons (Òdena) i La Bromera (Espelt). They made us go to Castellolí, set up our stand inside a church, and spend a festival journey that we are sure will become consolidated in the following years.

Presents a la Santa Birra de Castellolí

A very hot Saturday (this is not news anymore, the whole fucking summer will be like this, won’t it?) close to home, with good company, good beer, live music, awesome food and a little bit of the good old blasphemy and sacrilege. Just as we like it at La Lenta.

Cheers! See you in l’Espelt!

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