That’s how we lived III Mostra de Cervesa de Montbui

Last saturday, under an uncertain weather, we headed to Sta. Margarida de Montbui (historical center) to take part in the III Mostra de Cervesa Artesana, organized by our friends from Ateneu Cultural i Recreatiu de Sta. Margarida de Montbui.

If during juny we’ve moved to Castellbisbal, this time we were even closer from home.

I must confess i’ve had better days (the night before was complicated) I was going to the fair by myself, and the first raindrops started falling right after setting everything up.

So far so bad.
The first raindrops quickly turned into a storm, that filled our marqueeses with rain water. But people from Montbui love their beer (Ateneu of Montbui has done a lot of pedagogy), and the rain didn’t affect the flow of people.

The storm stopped pretty soon, but Peter Coates’ show moved inside, and thanks to the speakers we were able to also enjoy it from the outside.
Time went by pretty quick, between snacks, good vibes, and beers fromde Minairons, Espina de Ferro, Bripau, Casa Dalmases and La Lenta. I’d like to emphasize Casa Dalmases new wheat beer, which was a pleasant surprise. A really light beer to drink galons after galons. If we add it to the new look, things are looking good for them.

Getting close to midnight, we started packing up. Last thing I picked up was the Marquees, and while folding it I dumped a serious amount of water that had been piling up due to the rain. Soaking wet and driving home.

¡Salud, cerveceros!

Definitelly, very happy and grateful to the organization for counting on us.
A show near home, that lasts from 18:00 to 23:00 and with a very familiar and friendly vibe. We’ll be back to new Mostra de Cervesa de Montbui. Health and up to the next, people! What beer will accompany you!

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