That’s how we lived 6th Craft Beer Fair from Castellbisbal

Last saturday really really early we packed our stuff and headed to Castellbisbal Zona Industrial. We really went to the Church’s square of Castellbisbal, where the 6th Craft Beer Fair from Castellbisbal was taking place, and we where participating for the second year in a row. If last year it got a little darkened by the rain, this year the main character was the extreme heat that kept the “potarrojos” locked at home during most part of the event (useless fact about Castellbisbal: do you know that people from Castellbisbal are called “potarrojos” for the color of their soil? Pota means leg in catalan, and roig is red. So whenever it was muddy they’d have red legs. Do not mistake with red necks, that’s something else.)

Let’s go back to the Fair, the bravest of them all enjoyed the beers from our friends of Synera, Bripau, Hort del Barret, Sykaru, Beershooter, Art Cervesers, La Masovera and La Lenta, in really cool glasses with the fair’s logo engraved in them. The youngest ones played with water guns and balloons, and every lost bullet was greatly appreciated.

At noon (well, it was around 3 in the afternoon but we are Mediterranean, you know how this works here) we enjoyed a paella cooked by the organization of the event, and a pleasant chat around the table afterwards. We also saw an unusual groom arrival. I did tell you we where at the Church’s square, right? Well, we saw first person a baptism, and a wedding where the groom and his best men arrived all suited up and riding those jumpy motorcycles (so, not a Harley, nor one of those fast motorcycles that Marc Marquez rides. The other ones, the ones that get all muddy and bounce a lot)

Ok, so having showed my knowledge about the motor industry, I’ll tell you a little story. The attendants to the wedding, bikers and not bikers, kept coming to our stands to refresh and have some craft beer. Well, they were really going to Bripau’s stand cause it was the closest one, but that’s a different story. Well, there we have our main character in the middle of the square, a young beautifull girl wearing a long green dress, hair recently done, perfect make up, looking fantastic. Fantastic until a rat sized dog pissed on her dress. The dog’s owner, who had the dog on a leash, pretended he didn’t realize, and left the square fast as hell, pulling the dog, looking the other way and about to start running but trying not to look too suspicious. I don’t blame him, I don’t know what I would have done. We were really kind and educated, and tried not to laugh too hard and supported the victim as much as we could.

Useless fact number 2 about Castellbisbal: Did you know that “El Pont del Diable” (Devil’s Bridge) unites Martorell and Castellbisbal, and the oldest part belongs to Castellbisbal? Since everyone around here thinks the bridge belongs to Martorell, I think Castellbisbal needs to learn some Marketing from Martorell.

jornada de cervesa, música, menjar, riures i temperatures extremes

The afternoon passed fast with the awesome performance by Son Manouche, and a heat that made your clothes stick to your skin like napalm. There was a moment when the sun went down, and the fair got a little more crowded. The thermometers stayed high, but the sun was down and things were not going to get worse.

From that moment on, we enjoyed a mix of nostalgic home punk music till the end of the journey.

The evaluation turns out positive, with a few aspects that could improve, but in general we enjoyed a day of beer, music, food, laugher and extreme heat. See you next year Castellbisbal!

Vas commemoratiu de la VI Fira de la cervesa Artesana de Castellbisbal

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